Unlock Aarhus, detektiv

    2 hrs   From 100 kr. per detective

Start location: Aarhus at 'Agnete og Havmanden'

John Silver i Aarhus, skattejagt

Silver's Dodgy Plan


1,5 hr  |  From 50 kr. per treasure hunter

Start location: Aarhus at 'Rådhuspladsen'

Loke i Aarhus, vikingetogt

Loki's Quest



2 hrs |  From 100 kr. per Viking

Start location: Pustervig Torv




Image by Bernard Hermant

Explore the unbeaten track

A mix between escape games and cryptical treasure hunts, UrbiHunt is an original mystery concept from Aarhus. All clues and puzzles relate to the city, so you will discover hidden gems while enjoying the fun challenge.

You play in your own group. Compete against the leaderboard or enjoy the experience at your own pace. Celebrate with a coffee or a drink at the end.

Buy your tickets above or directly in the UrbiHunt app.

Sociale udendørs oplevelser på tid med UrbiHunt - saml dit hold og slå tiden

Gather your team

Sjove udendørs oplevelser i Aarhus. Løs det skattejagts-lignende mysterie

Solve the mystery

White Noise on Black Background

“It was a big success!”


Anne, AU student

"Better than escape rooms"


Lama, Italian in Aarhus

“A smart way to meet the city!”


Anne, high school teacher