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    2 timer   Fra 75 kr. per detektiv 

Startsted: Ved 'Agnete og Havmanden'


Silver's Dodgy plan

Find the treasure or walk the plank!

1,5 time  |  Fra 38 kr. per skattejæger

Startsted: Rådhuspladsen i Aarhus


Blodøkses togt

Kommer snart


Du får besked!

Image by Bernard Hermant

Mystery is in the air...

UrbiHunt is a new mystery concept in Aarhus. A mix between escape games and cryptical treasure hunts, played via our innovative app. Use it as 'foreplay' before a drink with friends, as a social activity for the family or when you want to challenge your colleagues. Who is fastest?

The game takes place mainly outdoors and you won't need to meet anyone to get started. Buy your tickets here, if you are organising on behalf of others (e.g. for an event). Buy directly in the app, if you are buying for one team only.

Sociale udendørs oplevelser på tid med UrbiHunt - saml dit hold og slå tiden

Gather your team

Sjove udendørs oplevelser i Aarhus. Løs det skattejagts-lignende mysterie

Solve the mystery

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“It was a big success!”


Anne, AU-studerende

"We all had great fun"


Elevforeningen Idrætshøjskolen 

“A smart way to meet the city!”


Anne, gymnasielærer