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You play in your own group. Explore the city to solve puzzles. Immerse yourself into the story and decipher cryptical messages to find your way. GPS tells you, when you are on track.  Beat the time record or enjoy at your own pace. The experience is self-guided.


Select. Choose your preferred escape game.


Go. Head to the start location of your game. 


Explore. Cryptic clues lead your way as you discover hidden gems. GPS confirms when you are on the right track. 

Book. Buy directly in the UrbiHunt app or buy on the website to plan an event.

Solve. Decode 10-12 puzzles. The games last about two hours.

Start. Tap the start button in the app. You don't need to wait for us to get started.

Refuel. Pause for drinks or food at built-in break points.

Gather. 2 to 4 players per team. Everyone with the app on their phone.

Stagger. Teams may start with a few minutes in between, if you play more than one team.

Complete. Free the city and check your ranking on the leaderboard. 

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