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The giants are marching towards Aarhus. Lagertha and Ragnar are fighting them, but Loki, the trickster god, has stolen their powerful axe and sold it in small parts in today's Aarhus.

Thor is furious, so he has sent his most trusted Aesir, YOU, forward in time to recreate the axe. He has ordered Loki to help, but Loki is a puzzling character...


399 kr.  One game for 4 people

Køb i appen eller ovenfor

"People had lots of fun!"

Alumni association for boarding school



Participants: From 2 to 28 participants. Combine with our other escape game, Loki's Quest, if you are more than 28 people.

Duration: 2 hours

2 hours oudoor mystery experience in Aarhus

A guided walk through Viking Aarhus with facts

An immersive Viking story

11 puzzles with physical installations

Optional breaks to refuel

Opening hours:

Monday-Saturday: 10:45-19:30

Sunday: 10:45-18:00

... so on a Sunday you will just need to start the game by 17.59.

Dress code: Dress for the weather and wear shoes for 2-3 km walk

Start location: Pustervig Torv, Aarhus


1. Madklubben                    1h 18m 41s

2. Pocky                              1h 24m 33s

3. Three Amigos                 1h 26m 8s

4. Klaus                                1h 30m 28s

5. værdens bedste hold     1h 35m 47s 

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