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Privacy Policy

You will be asked to provide a team name in the UrbiHunt app, which will be visible to other players. UrbiHunt IVS cannot be held accountable for any personal information you may disclose in your team name or in a name of a league created by you.

We collect data on how you use and the UrbiHunt app, e.g. your completion time and whether you use hints. We do this to improve the user experience.
We ask you for permission to let the UrbiHunt app access your location, as we use this to tell you, when you are at the location of the next game element, while enjoying one of our experiences. We do not store this data. After completing one of our experiences, we can see which devices were first identified as being in the location that would trigger the next game elements.

Contact us on  if you would like a copy of the data we have stored about your completed game. We may charge a small fee for this service. It is your right to ask us to delete information we have stored about you, just let us know.
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