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  • How to get started?
    Download the UrbiHunt app in Apple's App Store or in the Google Play Store and buy the escape game you want to play. Buy here on the website or write to us if you are arranging an event for more than four participants. Next, go to the starting location outside the city and start the game. You don't have to meet with anyone to get started.
  • Hvilken aldersgruppe er det til?
    Det er fra 15 år, da det er lidt udfordrende. 13-14-årige kan være med, hvis de er vant til escape rooms.
  • Why is it so cheap?
    We put a lot of work into developing the games specifically for each city, but we don't send people out to meet you, give you branded suitcases and backpacks etc. This means that we can offer a low price. We believe from the bottom of our hearts that the best urban escape game experience is obtained when puzzles and clues are integrated into the city, rather than when you are given fancy devices but where the puzzles might as well have been solved at home.
  • How do I organize an event?
    Use our mystery experiences for corporate events, birthdays and bachelor parties, or just for a fun day out on the town! Buy here on the website or contact us to tell us more about your event. On the day, you go to the starting point and start the game in the UrbiHunt app using the game codes we will have sent to you. We also send detailed starting instructions, so you are on completely safe ground. You don't have to meet with anyone to get started. Up to 4 players can participate on each team. If necessary, let the teams start 5-10 minutes apart. Each team's time only starts when the captain presses "Start hunt". The mysteries are timed, so you can compete to see which team is faster. After the mystery ends, everyone meets in the same place to enable winners to brag about their results.
  • What is the difference between buying in the app and on the website?
    By purchasing in the app you can get started immediately, but by purchasing on the website you can buy on behalf of others, which is smart if you are organizing an event.
  • Where does it start?
    Each escape game starts in a central location in the city. See where under the individual escape games.
  • What to bring?
    - Fully charged mobile phones - Footwear for 2-3 km walking - Clothes suitable for the weather
  • How to use a game code?
    Press the 'Teams' tab in the UrbiHunt app and enter the game code in the text field.
  • How long is my purchase valid?
    You can start the game for up to 12 months after the purchase date.
  • What happens during the game?
    Our escape games take place in the city center, facilitated by the UrbiHunt app. Cryptic messages guide you and your team through the city. Interpret them by looking around. When you are on the right track, puzzles and tasks will magically appear in the app. The games are on time, so try to get a good position on the leaderboard 😊 You can take drink breaks along the way, as time stops after each correct answer. The experiences are developed specifically for the city they take place in, so it's not just something on an iPad that could take place anywhere.
  • What if we can't find our way?
    Then you just take a hint! There will be a small time penalty, but the hint may well be worth this.
  • Can I play if I am not from the city?"
    Slowly! It can be a little easier if you know the city, but there is help available in the app if you need it, so you won't get lost.
  • I use a wheelchair - can I play?
    Yes, all our games are accessible for wheelchair users. For Unlock Aarhus it is a good idea to play with someone not using a wheelchair.
  • Where does it end?
    The final location is a secret! However, it will be within walking distance of the starting point. Contact us if you need to plan something after the game and we will give you the information you need.
  • Can we post on social media about UrbiHunt?
    Please do! Make sure to share pictures too. However, try to avoid revealing the locations in the game, as others will then have an advantage when they try to beat your time 😉
  • Please can you guys tell me when you release a new game?"
    Sure! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook so you can be the first to hear about new games!
  • Is it possible to become a tester for your upcoming game?
    Yes - send an email to and please tell us a little about yourself.
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