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Terms & Conditions

Respect your surroundings and be observant, like you would be on any walk downtown - then everything should be fine! By participating in our games you agree that UrbiHunt ApS or any person related to UrbiHunt ApS cannot be held accountable for damages or indirect damages that may happen. You also agree that you are responsible for ensuring that persons who play with you, or who have been invited to play by you, accept this.

UrbiHunt ApS cannot be held accountable for limitations in the game as a result of temporary city events that block or otherwise disturb your ability to play the game. If this happens, you may skip a part of the game and use a hint to get back on track.

Terms of Purchase
You can start games bought in the UrbiHunt app right away. Games bought on can be started 24 hours after your purchase. We refund unused games bought on for any reason up to 90 days after the purchase.

All content on  and in the UrbiHunt app including all code is protected by copyright law and belongs to UrbiHunt ApS.
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