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A mix between escape rooms and cryptical treasure hunts for adults, UrbiHunt is an original mystery concept from Aarhus. All clues and puzzles relate to the city, so you may discover hidden gems while enjoying the fun challenge.

Our dedicated app facilitates the games. This makes them more immersive and engaging than if they were paper-based. However, the focus in the experience is on the urban surroundings, not the app. Our concept is not a mass-produced piece of software that is spread digitally to all cities. We combine local knowledge with strong game development skills to provide a unique Aarhus experience that makes you discover the city through an immersive and challenging experience. 

But now it is your turn! The city is in danger and your detective skills are in high demand! Check out all our games here and step into the adventure now!

UrbiHunt in the press (in Danish):

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