Teambuilding in downtown Aarhus
Team-aktivitet, teambuilding

Do you like escape rooms? Would you like an outdoor activity?


Unlock Aarhus is a 2-3 hours outdoor mystery experience, perfect for a fun afternoon with colleagues. You are tasked to save the city by solving puzzles and cryptic clues that relate to the city environment.

3-4 players collaborate on each team, competing against other teams to see who is faster! All teams finish at the same location, enabling you to socialise with a drink or snacks after a fun experience.

The game starts at 'Agnete og Havmanden' in central Aarhus. The experience is self-guided and the price is only 299,- per team. Book an instructor to get you started for 600,- extra.

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"The game was perfect as a teambuilding exercise, where collaboration, patience and creativity was paramount. Puzzles and clues were creative and challenging, but not impossible."