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Outdoor escape room
Team-aktivitet, teambuilding

Do you like escape rooms? Would you like an outdoor activity?


Outdoor escape games is a concept where you and your team complete a mission consisting of puzzles and timed tasks, just like in escape rooms. However, our outdoor escape games combine the experience with a kind of cryptic treasure hunt for adults, outdoors in the city.


Our escape games are original and developed in detail for the individual city. They are facilitated by our own interactive mobile app. 

As the detectives in the games, you are involved from start to finish, interpreting cryptic messages and solving puzzles. Out outdoor escape games also add the possibility of taking breaks along the way, now that you are near the city's nicest café anyway!

So if you love escape rooms and want to do something outside, then our escape games are right for you!

Lokis Quest Udendørs Escape Game
Unfreeze Copenhagen Udendørs Escape Game
Unlock Aarhus_english_squared_success.png


"Better than indoor escape rooms, as you also experience the city"

Lama from Italy

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